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Mexico is among the emerging economies with the necessary elements to participate in the knowledge economy.  In this new economic order, science, technology and innovation play a key role that determines change in the international competition parameters.

Scientific research has two fundamental values: an intrinsic and an instrumental one. The former refers to scientific knowledge its as a component of the universal culture, it is part of what makes us human.  In addition, scientific research also has an instrumental value, inasmuch as its application to solve human needs. Thus, through innovations it increases quality of life and allows solving socially pressing issues.

The accelerated evolution of genomics and its convergence with other technologies has increased the number of fields where its impact is relevant.  Therefore, knowledge of genes and cellular processes supports the concept of bioeconomy.  Currently the applications of genomics in the health, agriculture, cattle industry, energy and the bioremediation is noteworthy.  The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), postulates that the applications of genomics will have growing participation in the generation of wealth in society in the near future. 

Mexico has successfully developed genomic sciences.  Its institutions, human resources, technological platforms and legal framework have given way to the generation of internationally renowned scientific contributions. Therefore, genomics represents a significant opportunity for Mexico in the economy of knowledge.